Foro Regional de Políticas Educativas. Inclusión y Educación en tiempos de post-pandemia. 2020.


Edición 2020.

Ministries of education and other regulatory institutions in Latin American and Caribbean countries are now faced with the complex challenge of creating policies that address educational exclusion and promote fairer societies. In this context, the IIEP-UNESCO is organizing the 2020 edition of the Regional Forum on Education Policy, a four-day long event that will provide a space for dialogue and reflection with the goal of promoting strategies to advance towards achieving the Education 2030 Agenda.

The fourth edition of the forum, which will be held virtually for the first time, will be structured around the Regional Edition of the UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report (GEM 2020). The authors of the report, along with other experts, will sit on the five panels of the forum to discuss factors of exclusion that produce discriminatory practices within education systems.

Their findings will serve as inputs for seven workshops, in which ministry of education officials from all the region will develop recommendations and lines of action for building inclusive education in challenging post-pandemic times.


Institutional Framework

The Regional Forum on Education Policy is part of the set of actions UNESCO has been undertaking to strengthen Member States in their capacity to face the challenges that stem from the goals and commitments of the Education 2030 Agenda.

Accordingly, this initiative is a joint effort by the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (OREALC/UNESCO), the UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report (GEM Report), the Division of Education 2030 Support and Coordination, and the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS).




To provide a space for debate and reflection on the challenges posed by the entry into force of the Education 2030 Agenda and its acceptance by countries in the region, as well as on policy implementation strategies aimed at ensuring educational equity and inclusion.


To maintain a network of education officials from the region, designed to create a permanent space for consultation, cooperation, and exchange of experiences in order to strengthen Member States in their capacity to plan and manage education policy.


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Day 1

Panel 1

Education, Gender Inequality and Sexual Diversity

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Panel 2

Education and Disability

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Panel 3

Education, Socioeconomics Status and Geographic Location

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Panel 4

Education, Human Mobility and Ethnicity

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Panel 5

Education for Persons Deprived of Liberty

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Monday, 9 November

Access to Rooms

Before the start of the event, the guests will be emailed the complete program of the Forum, including links to each virtual room.
If you have not received the document, you can request it at or via   Whatsapp



Final recommendations of the Regional Forum 2020


Educational Sector Analysis Manual


GEM Report 2020


GEM Report 2020 Summary


GEM 2020: Latin America and the Caribbean



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